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Controller Wiring Diagram (Click to Enlarge)



SKU number 9105306572 
Model CRX0110E 
Model on label CRX0110 
Scope of delivery 1 refrigerator, 1 manual 
Product Description Compressor refrigerator, 104 l, stainless steel look 
Refrigeration technology Compressor 



Dimensions product depth 558 mm
Dimensions product height 745 mm
Dimensions product width 520 mm
Net weight 22.50 kg
Gross volume (EN 62552) 109.00 l
Storage volume – total (EN 62552) 107.50 l
Fridge storage volume (EN 62552) 98.00 l
Freezer storage volume (EN 62552) 9.50 l



Input voltage (DC) 12/24 V
Rated input current (DC) 6.2 A



Refrigerant, type R134a 
– Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases 
GWP 1430 
Refrigerant amount 47 g
CO2 equivalent 0,067 t
Energy (DC@5/25°C) 0.36 kWh / 30a in 24h
Energy (DC@5/32°C) 0.5805792 kWh / 48a in 24h
Climate class (EN 62552) T



The fridge is boxed into the counter with little room around it. Early models have either no vent or a small slatted aluminum vent that does not adequately expel hot air. This results in too much work for the fridge and compressor and a very hot cutlery drawer!


Add Fridge Exhaust Fan

Utilize a small, low amperage computer fan to physically extract hot air from behind the fridge.

Install details to follow.

(James Young)