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The Dometic Windows come in various sizes. The ones in the XP are:

V1 Model
Window – Main Door – Model S4 – 500 x 300 – AGS50500X0300
Window – Above Stove – Model S4 – 500 x 300 – AGS50500X0300
Window – Next to Sink – Model S4 – 600 x 600 – AGS50600X0600
Window – Rear Window – 1450 x 600 – AGS51450x0600
Skylight – Roof – Model Heki 3 Plus – H3DOM133625S

To double check window sizes: A sticker in the window has a long code. Somewhere in that code is the measurement of the window. Look for the number is the position marked with red below (they are not red on the sticker)



Dometic S4 Window


Repair Instructions

Repair insturcitons for S4 windows can be found HERE or through the button link at the top of the page. 

(James Young)

Stay Arm Failure

The plastic arm that hold the window open can fail for a few reasons. It may not want to close. It may not want to open. It may be stiff. Or it may open and close without latching.

The arm is a simple device. A plastic sleeve that slides up and down over a notched arm. At the top of the plastic sleeve is collar. A metal spring tab sits over this collar, compressing a small spring, which in turn holds a 4mm metal ball bearing in place in the collar. As the sleeve slides up and down over the top of the notched arm, the ball bearing ‘sits’ in the notches and hold the arm in place. Opening or closing the window puts pressure on the ball bearing, which in turn puts pressure on the spring, which gives way, releasing the ball bearing from the notch and allowing the arm to slide to the next notched position.

The arm or ball bearing may become rough or contain some debris. Cleaning these usually helps restore a smooth action. WARNING: The clip, spring and ball bearing have a habit of wanting to be lost the minute they are unhooked. So, take great care when removing the clip. As you remove the sleeve the ball bearing can come out where the spring goes in but also but of the end as it pops off the sleeve.
To replace. Slide the sleeve partway onto the notched arm. Add the ball bearing into the collar on the arm, then the spring, then the clip. If the ball bearing is 

Emergency Kit – A few XP Owners have lost one, some or all of that trifecta of bearing, spring, clip. There is a ghetto version if you can not get to Dometic for a spare.

– 4mm Ball Bearing (just big enough to fit in the hole – source from a cycle store)
– Spring from a ball point pen (May need to cut to size)
– Zip Tie

The ball bearing should fit in the hole BUT NOT slide up inside the spring. Ensure the spring is a low enough diameter that the ball bearing does not go inside, but just spins on the end. 

(James Young)

Dometic Heki 3 Skylight – Blind String Failure

Sometimes the string that guides the bug screen or blackout blind can come undone. Here is some info on how to repair that issue.

Truck Camper Adventure (Article) : Repairing & Restringing a Broken Midi Heki Vent 

YouTube (Video): How to repair a Heki Frame

(James Young)




Closing Bug Screen

Closing the bug screen by pulling down the handle can be a fiddly process. The bug screen gets stuck half way, one side comes down more than then other, and then the latch is awkward to make contact at the bottom.

Make it an easy task. Instead of pulling down on the bug screen, close the blackout blind instead and then, without releasing the bug screen, pull the blackout blind back down with the bug screen intact. 

(James Young)


    The plastic Dometic windows scratch very easily. Try to ‘air off’ the dust or dirt with a compressor. Then try spraying with water to remove most debris. After they are mostly clean, use a LOT of water and a soft cloth to gently wipe the windows. Allow to air dry.

    A 3M plastic polish can be used to remove any light scratches.  

    (James Young)

      Stay Arm

      The arm that holds the window open  has a habit of losing its clip and associated spring / steel ball. Avoid having this clip come off accidentally by using a small zip tie to hold it in place.

      (James Young)