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Fresh Water Inlet

The freshwater inlet is a lockable deck filler style cap by Sam Allen (I think – It looks the same anyway)

38mm 316G Stainless Steel Water Lockable Filler. 

• 316G stainless steel.
• Cylinder lock made from marine grade stainless steel.
• Designed when locked the cap revolves freely but cannot be opened.
• O-ring seal.
• Cap retainer wire

sam allen marine deck water filler



Can Not Unlock Cap

Locking the cap seems to be a bad idea. The lock allows the caps to spin without unthreading. Several people have had issues with the lock no unthreading once unlocked. In one case the entire cap had to be drilled off. I recommend not locking. If you insist on locking, then make sure the lock mechanism is clean and working smoothly prior to locking.

Those of you keen to ensure the filler cap is always locked – if you get stuck then you can add water vie the breather hoses on top of the water tank. Access via the pump storage bay.

(James Young)




Save A Drop – Water Measuring Device

 Filling your tank when the roof is down can take a bit of guesswork. The fresh water level display inside the camper. We found this little device. It sits inline, anywhere between the water faucet and the end of your hose, and measure the amount of water entering the tank. It can display litres or gallons.

Available on HERE for around $20+

 (James Young)