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The slide drawer that extends from the rear of the flatbed.

flatbed storage



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Protect Slide Drawer from dust


slide drawer cover 


A small hack that I installed a while ago and works well. We had dust getting into the sliding drawer, I found the majority of this came in from the gap in the lid where the lock rotates up and down.

I cut a piece of yoga mat and used a few small dabs of glue to hold it in place. A cut in the yoga mat, about 3″ from centre to left of centre, allows the lock to rotate through it. Where the lock finishes I made the cut a little squarer so that it sits around the lock, the rest of the cut is just a slice so it almost closes back up around the lock as it rotates through the mat. Dust reduced to almost zero and also when travelling in the rain there is significantly less wetness too. This was a first attempt so the cut isn’t very clean, I envisaged having to do a few trial runs but this one worked fine so I left it in place. It keeps the lock cleaner too.

(James Young)

Lubricate Locks

As with all the locks on the XP, a squirt of silicone spray can help make key insertion and turning easier. This is especially true of the sliding drawer lock which gets hit with dust both inside and out.

  • Spray some silicone onto the key and insert repeatedly or, spray a small amount straight into the lock and insert key repeatedly until it goes in and out smoothly.
  • Spray some silicone onto moving surfaces on the internal part of the lock. Rotate lock repeatedly until smooth

Doing this monthly for a full time rig is a good idea. Maybe twice weekly if doing lots of off road / dusty environment.

(James Young)